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Building Robots: Page 3

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Brain Waves Toys - Science Toys, Educational Toys, Intelligent Toys – Brain Waves the Intelligent ToyStore. Robots, Science Kits, Rockets, Construction Toys, Electronic Kits, Chemistry sets, Brain Teasers, Magic, Illusions, Games,Puzzles, and Just Plain Fun (Added: 25-Aug-2005 Hits: 543 Rating: 0 Votes: 0 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link]
Budget Robotics - Low-cost robot-making supplies and kits. Specialties include affordable kits, structural elements,and robot bodies and frames. (Added: 26-Jan-2003 Hits: 1512 Rating: 8.20 Votes: 10 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link]
Casters of Oklahoma Material Handling, Conveyor Systems and Dock Equipment - Industrial heavy duty ergonomic material handling equipment and supplies – Colson wheel casters, Roach conveyor systems, hand trucks, lifts, dollies, warehouse safety equipment and dock equipment. (Added: 10-Sep-2002 Hits: 587 Rating: 8.00 Votes: 1 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link]
Creative Caster - Products by B & P Manufacturing, Faultless Nutting, Multiton, Perry Mfg, Superior Tire & Rubber, Wesco Industrial Products and RWM Casters. (Added: 4-Sep-2003 Hits: 557 Rating: 8.00 Votes: 2 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link]
Design and simulation for walking robots - This software allows you to design and simulate walking robots. It's a bit like building with Legos, but with motors built into every joint. Screen shots and movies are available at the web site. (Added: 26-Mar-2002 Hits: 1503 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link]
DragonPlate Carbon Fiber - Dragonplate manufactures carbon fiber laminates and materials for robot construction. (Added: 28-Apr-2004 Hits: 605 Rating: 0 Votes: 0 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link] Robotics Links - Links to robotics and electronics web sites. (Added: 23-Feb-2002 Hits: 786 Rating: 0 Votes: 0 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link]
F & L Industrial Solutions, Inc. - Lightweight, adjustable and reuseable robot chassis can be made with 80/20 aluminum extrusions, the “Industrial Erector Set”(R). Design specialist can evaluate, provide materials lists, cad drawings and assembly assistance if needed. (Added: 20-Jul-2004 Hits: 575 Rating: 0 Votes: 0 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link] - searches distributor inventory for all types of electronics, including passives, connectors, optoelectronics, and more -- not just chips. (Added: 30-Apr-2001 Hits: 797 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 2 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link]
Flowchart PICmicro programmer - Flowcode allows people with no programming experience to design controllers for robotic systems based on flowcharts. (Added: 23-Sep-2002 Hits: 861 Rating: 7.50 Votes: 2 ) [Rate It] [Broken Link]

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Honda P3 Humanoid Robot
FIRST Organization
Lego Mindstorms
MIT Leg Lab

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